Part 1, The Flesh


I loved her deeply.

Giving every part of my self; at any given moment, I was more than willing to submit; she made me weak.
A first kiss, creating butterflies in my stomach, they fluttered through my bloodstream; tickling receptive centers in my brain; after one hit, I was hooked; caught up on images of love stories that only existed in the movies, we became a real life fairy tale.

Charming as she was, and I, a princess needing to be saved, we created one hell of a love story that moved too quickly; speeding through the introduction, rushing straight into a climax; we smashed into a resolution that neither of us had anticipated. We spent months, thereafter, attempting to piece together the ambiguous clues of a love which had dissipated much too soon;

This was supposed to be our happily ever after.

And it never mattered to me that we didn’t anatomically fit together; her heart was all that I wanted; and I would do whatever it took to get it; until the price of my sanity became far too expensive. I could no longer afford to hide my insecurities, which I had buried; deep beneath the surface of her ego; and although we tried, neither of us knew how to let go; especially of each other.

Yet somehow, we still lost our grip; and our hands no longer seemed to fit in places that once felt so familiar.

“Maybe I’m not the one for you” she would say

And I could never bring myself to answer…

“You were the answer to my prayers” my misguided heart would say

It was my Spirit that was forcing me to leave her.

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